Wood-Stove Installation in One Day: The Plug & Play

Forest Hill, London

Job Duration: 1 Day

Installing a Wood-Stove in One Day: AKA The Plug & Play!
We fit the flue liner, plug into your new stove and it’s ready for you to play…
With no extra building work, we are in and out of your home in 1 day. You have an eco-design, fuel efficient, clean burning stove fitted and good to go.

Stove Installation Recap:

Chimney Sweep & CCTV Inspection

Fit New Flue Liner

Remove raised plinth - level back base of chamber to height of front hearth

Plug Flue Liner into new stove.

New Stove commissioned & Client shown how to operate


Click on images to view description of the installation process from start to finish

Before & After images. Job Duration: 1 Day

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