National Association of Chimney Sweeps Master Chimney Sweep
National Association of Chimney Sweeps Master Chimney Sweep

Chimney Sweeping, Wood-Stove Servicing, CCTV Flue Inspections...

Wood-Burning Stoves and Gas Fires all require Annual Chimney Cleaning and Safety Checks.

Chimney Sweeping involves the cleaning of the flue and the servicing of the wood-stove.
This ensures optimum performance and on-going safe usage of your heating appliance.

We also:
1. Examine the installation of the wood-stove or fireplace all the way to the chimney stack and the top of the chimney pots.
2. Remove the internal components of the wood-stove and clean the insides / clean and freshen up the fireplace
3. Perform a smoke evacuation check, which enables us to see if there are any leaks within the flue system.
4. Check the CO monitor and advise on the relevant fuels to use for the appliance

We provide a Chimney Sweep Certificate with comprehensive details of the work completed. This validates home insurance and the warranty of your stove.

Registered Master Chimney Sweeps with The National Association of Chimney Sweeps

Stove after sweep, service and maintenance

Wood Stove Sweep and Service

£75 (lined)
Chimney Sweeping in South London. Smoke evacuation check

Fireplace Chimney Sweep

Gas Fireplace with Wooden Mantelpiece

Gas Fireplace Chimney Sweep

Open fire basket sweep casa stoves londom

Open Fire Basket Sweep

Chimney Sweep and CCTV inspection with air purifier

CCTV Chimney Flue Inspection (Including Sweep)


Chimney Flue System Survey

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Building Regulations - Hetas Compliant Wood-burning Stove installation

No Hetas Certificate for Wood-Burning Stove?

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