Remove Cast-Insert and Install Stove (mantelpiece remains in place)

New Cross, London

Job Duration: 2 Days

Removing the cast-insert with the existing mantelpiece remaining in place, reduces the cost of installing a new stove.
The original character and charm remain whilst one of the cleanest burning eco-stoves replaces the old, inefficient open fireplace.
We cut out the inner of the fireplace, protect the front hearth and build up the inner base (where the stove sits).
Reusing the existing mantelpiece and front hearth, means there are no additional costs with replacing them or any redecorating costs.
Finally, we dress the inner of the mantel with 3 pieces of slate know as ‘slips and header’. The slips and header also serve the purpose of protecting the wooden mantelpiece from the heat of your new stove.

Up-cycling, keeping costs down and working towards a greener, cleaner planet.
Whats there not to like…

Stove Installation Recap:

Chimney Sweep & CCTV Inspection

Cut Out the old Cast-iron Insert

Keeping mantel intact & hearth protected

Fit Flue-liner and connect to new eco-stove

Commission New Stove & Show Client how to operate


Click on images to view description of the installation process from start to finish

Before & After images. Job Duration: 2 Days

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