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Box-Low Radiator

Ideal – Low box radiator

Ideal – Low box radiator

Important things to consider before making a radiator enquiry:

Do you have original floorboards - this is good.
If you have interlocking flooring / concrete or laminated then it becomes tricky with the plumbing.


They start at £325 fully restored and painted a colour of your choice - This would be for the smaller ones.

Then for most homes, the largest ones would be £475-£650.
If you are having a few then I can work out a discount for you...

Additional Costs:

Valves: From £35 per radiator
Plumbing costs:'Our plumber Tony is £240.00 for the 1st radiator then £140.00 for subsequent ones.


If you could send over images of 2-3 of your current radiators including your flooring using the radiator option on the Contact form>  then that would be a great start.

Buying Original Radiators from Casa Peckham:

All Our Original Radiators go through a rigorous restoration process.
They are flushed through, shot blasted, pressure tested, new fittings, prime and top coated.
This enables us to offer a 10 year guarantee (does not include radiator accessories).
We Paint a variety of colours including Farrow & Ball, Fired Earth and RAL.
Original Radiators are compatible with standard radiators on your heating system.
We can fit the Restored Original Radiators for you too.

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