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Casa Stove Quotation Process

For an provisional stove quote, please complete the stove enquiry form on the contact page >.
From 2 pictures, a brief description and an idea on a finished look, we can normally quote to within £100.00.
If you are happy with the quote, we always start with the initial Sweep and CCTV Inspection. This ensures there are no hidden problems which could increase costs during the installation of your new stove and enables us to chat through and fine tune your stove choice

Feel free to Contact Us Monday to Friday 9-5 by phone on 020 7732 3911 if you would like to discuss before you submit your stove enquiry. We are more than happy to chat through your project with you.

With a dedicated after-care service, we are on hand to ensure you enjoy your stove for years to come.

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Pevex X40 Bohemia Stove

Pevex Bohemia X40 Cube

Bassington Eco stove with Baseline legs

Bassington Eco Black

Aspect 5 compact eco wood burning stove down with a Georgian mantle

Parkray Aspect 4

Heta Inspire 40 with Carrara Victorian Mantelpiece

Heta Inspire 40 4.9kW


Woodrow 4 Eco Stove

Mendip Loxton 5 wood-burning stove with original Edwardian mantelpiece

Loxton 5 Eco-Ready Stove

mendip woodland eco-stove installed by Casa Stove London

Mendip Woodland


Hunter Herald Allure 04

Heta Inspire 45 4.9kW

Heta Inspire 45 4.9kW


Pevex Bucklesham

Beltane Brue Close up-2

Beltane Brue Ecodesign Stove

F2 Vue Portrait with Victorian Corbel Mantelpiece

F2 Vue Portrait

Vega Edge 200SL wood-burning stove

Vega Edge 200SL Black

Bassington Enamel Eco Stove

Bassington Eco Enamel

Front view of Eco Design Ready ACR Oakdale wood burning stove, in Buttermilk Enamel, installed in Penge, London SE20

ACR Oakdale 5Kw Wood & Multi-fuel Stove


Mi Fires FlickrFlame Small Woodburning Stove

Stove installations london by casa

Stove Installations by Casa

Wood Burning Stove Shop Casa London

Stove Quotation & Installation Process

9304-stove-No-Base 2

Burley Launde 4Kw Wood-Burning Stove

Saltfire STX5 Wood Burning Stove

Saltfire ST-X5 Wood Burning / Multifuel Stove


Saltfire ST-X4 Wood Burning / Multifuel Stove

Pevex X30 Cube 4.1Kw Eco Stove

Pevex Eco 30 Compact 1.5-4kW ​ ​

Morso_04_1_800x 2

Morso Ø4 5Kw Wood & Multi-fuel Stove

Pevex Bohemia X40 Cube stove fitted in East Dulwich, London SE22

Pevex X40 Cube Xtra Wide

F2 VUE Landscape-2 copy

F2 Vue Landscape


Morso 1412 Squirrel 5Kw Wood & Multi-fuel Stove

Saltfire ST 1 vision

Saltfire ST-1 Vision Woodburning Stove

morso-3112_1-450x450-2 copy

Morso 3112 Badger Multi-fuel Stove

Morso-S1142-1-450x450 copy

Morso S11-42 Multi-fuel Stove


Beltane Chew 5Kw Wood & Multi-fuel Stove


Vega Edge 200SL Enamel

ACR_Malvern_Black_Alt_2_800x 2

ACR Malvern Classic 5Kw Wood & Multi-fuel Stove


AGA Little Wenlock SE 5Kw Wood & Multi-fuel Stove


Mendip Churchill 5SE Wood Burning Stove

Saltfire Scout Stove

Saltfire Scout Stove

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