Logs For Wood Stoves and Fires: London Clean-Air Act Compliant

Logs For Wood Stoves and Fires: London Clean-Air Act Compliant

Casa Stoves London Burning Wood Logs

Use our kiln dried Logs, for Clean-Air Stoves in London

All of our wood logs comes from FSC-certified wood wholesalers. (Ideal for Stoves in London).
This means wood that is certified under the standards set by FSC (the Forest Stewardship Council). The FSC label on wood products guarantees that consumers can trust the sources. The wood is part of a licensed regeneration project, other local woodlands, or forests planted for the express purpose of generating wood fuels and timber.

Kiln Dried Hard Wood with Less than 20% Moisture
We supply Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs Kindling, and Briquettes
Our native woodlands are able to supply us with the following hard-woods to burn as wood fuel.

ASH (Kiln Dried Logs) – Burns steadily,  doesn’t spit and gives great heat
SILVER BIRCH (Kiln dried logs) – Easy to light, give a great flame
BEECH (Briquettes) – Burns well, giving a good heat
KINDLING (kiln dried) – for lighting your fire.

Our wood is sold in handy sized bags for easy storage and available in the Shop.

Beech Briquettes for wood burning stoves | Clean-air for London from Casa

Beech Briquettes

Kiln dried silver birch logs ideal for wood burning stoves in London

Kiln Dried Silver Birch

Premium kiln dried ash logs for use with your wood burning stove. Available at the Casa Shop Bellenden Road, Peckham. Sourced from FSC certified forests.

Kiln Dried Ash