Sweep and CCTV Inspection – Prior to Stove Installation

Nunhead, SE15 London

Job Duration: 2 - 2 1/2 hours

Prior to a new stove installation, the chimney needs to be swept and CCTV inspected.
On this occasion we created a small opening to feed the sweeping and camera equipment into the chimney flue. Using a boring tool, enabled us to get through the solid concrete to begin the inspection.

Particle and soot control are paramount in chimney sweeping.  Using different sweep rigs for different situations ensures this is achieved. We then perform the sweep to clean the flue prior to the CCTV inspection.

The CCTV inspection involves the use of a camera attached to the sweeping rods. The rods are fed slowly through the flue whilst inspecting in real-time as well as recording the complete inspection.
Any breaches in the flue, blockages and flammables can be identified during this process.  Sweeping alone will not identify these issues.
It is paramount for safety, both to clients and their neighbours, that a CCTV inspection is performed before a new stove installation.

Stove Installation Recap:

Clients Images sent via the enquiry form on the Casa Website for a New Stove installation

Vent Removed exposing solid concrete

Boring tool used to create opening for sweep and CCTV inspection through sheets

Sweep rods showing through from chimney pot, CCTV stills of chimney flue and smoke check

Work area left tidy, hole patched over, sweep certificate and findings explained to client


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Before & After image: Job Duration 2 - 2 1/2 hours

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