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Casa of Peckham provide Chimney, flue and stove after-care services across South London. Regular cleaning and maintainence, ensures safe usage and the best performance of your wood burning stove. Home insurers and stove manufacturers insist you have your chimney flue checked regularly, to keep your home insurance and stove warranty valid.

Prior to fitting a wood burning stove - have a sweep and CCTV inspection: £175

If you are considering having an eco-design ready, clean-air wood burning stove installed, then it is imperative you have your chimney swept and flue inspected. An internal, visual inspection (CCTV) is the only way to ensure your new stove is installed to meet Hetas standards.
We regularly find hazardous materials - flammables, electric cables, breaches -  things that can be potential dangers. Also we can see if the liner will go all the way down without getting stuck.
Ocassionally flue liners do get stuck and require extra work to get them down. Forewarned is forearmed so can advise on the possible extra cost, before you embark on having a new stove fitted.

Just bought a new home and want to have the current fireplace / stove inspected:  £75

We recommend a sweep, flue and installation inspection. We look over your flue and the installation to check that it is safe to use. We make recommendations if the installation is not up to scratch and can do the remedial work for you.

Annual Chimney Sweep and Service: £75

If Casa has fitted your stove or fireplace then you will recieve an annual reminder from us to have your heat source serviced and checked.  We won't need to do a repeat cctv inspection, just a sweep and service of your appliance. This enables us to check you are still happy with your purchase and address any issues you may have .  We can advise on fuels that you use, we clean and service your stove and provise a valid NACS Certificate so you know we have inspected to the highest of standards.

National Association Of Chimney Sweeps

The National Association Of Chimney Sweeps (NACS) are the leading Chimney Sweeping Body in the UK. It's a privilege to be accepted as a member.  Combined with the knowlege of Hetas installing, we are able to offer the best advice to ensure you remain safe to use your appliance and the installation complies with Building regulations.

After the Annual Eco design ready stove, sweep and service in Bromley, BR1

Annual Wood Stove Service & Maintenance

Chimney CCTV inspection showing electric cable hazard

CCTV Inspections

Chimney Sweeping rods showing through chimney pot

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