Wood Burning Stove Sale

Ecodesign Ready Wood Burning Stove Sale £250 Off.

As part of the Casa of Peckham ‘Clean Air Stove Assured’ Initiative for improved air quality in London, our Wood Burning Stove Sale is our commitment to a Cleaner, Greener Planet.

Clean Air:
Scrapping old open fires / pre Defra approved Stoves and replacing with the latest Eco Wood Burning Stoves, can reduce emissions by up to 90%.

Approved Wood:
When using your stove with kiln dried logs rather than ‘wet wood’, emissions can be further reduced.

Stove Operation:
Knowing how to operate your stove correctly is another determining factor in the emissions produced and returning into the atmosphere.

After-Care and Maintenance: 
Regular cleaning of your chimney flue liner and servicing of your stove will ensure optimum performance.

Scrap Your Old Stove or Fireplace & Upgrade to an Eco Ready Stove with 90% less emissions.

Our £250 Off* Eco Design Ready Stove Sale for a Cleaner, Greener way of burning wood.

*The discount is applicable to a New Eco Design Ready Stove purchased from and installed by Casa of Peckham to Hetas regulations.
*Your Chimney prior to installation must be swept and CCTV inspected by the team at Casa.
*This offer cannot be used with any other 
discounts or offers.

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