Georgian Mantelpiece In White Carrara
Fireplace Details
The Georgian Bullseye (1765 - 1831) is so called because of the detailing of the carving at the top of the legs. Traditionally made from marble from the Carrara mountains in Italy, the frieze and legs had fluting detail. The cast-iron insert would normally have been a hob - grate or one with ornate detailing in the casting.
We have show the mantelpiece with a Gloucester hi-lighted insert.
To finish, the hearth is made from Granite and is on rebated risers.

The Georgian Bullseye Mantelpeice in Carrara marble
Shelf width 1,420mm (56")
Shelf depth 230mm (9")
Base width 1,305mm (51 3/8")
Overall height 1,120mm (44 1/8")
Opening height 914mm (36")
Opening width 914mm (36")

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