Grosvenor Mantelpiece In White Marble
Fireplace Details

The Grosvenor Marble Mantelpiece is 18th century French in design. It has detailed carving to the legs and frieze and is shown here in Statutory White Marble.
We have displayed the Grosvenor with the Stanhope Basket with steel trim and a Granite hearth on rebated risers.


The Grosvenor in Statutary Marble
Shelf width 1,397mm (55")
Shelf depth 253mm (10")
Base width 1,321mm (52")
Overall height 1,168mm (46")
Opening height 914mm (36")
Opening width 914mm (36")

Stanhope Basket Available in Steel or Brass
Front width 547mm (21.5")
Back width 483mm (19")
Height 558mm (22")
305mm (12")
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