Casa Gallery - Most Popular Stoves

Over the last five years, the multi-fuel stove has taken the fireplace market by storm. With a movement to eco-friendly products the mutli-fuel (wood and coal burning) stove offers a highly efficient source of heat as well as pampering the human obsession with a naked flame. Coupled with the safety aspect with respect to minors, the simple fire in a box concept has evolved into the flame addicts choice for the 21st Century.
There is a vast array of stoves out there, so many that the prospect of sorting through them and getting the right stove is a potential minefield.
To make life easier, I have created a group of the most popular stoves that Casa sells. Being inside the M25 means that stoves should be Defra approved. From those I have shortlisted those that I believe offer value for money, quality design build and have been tried and tested by clients in and around Peckham / East Dulwich and the South London area.
The list is not exhaustive but is a good place to start.

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